Want the great taste of Big Daddy Meat always available when you need it? Consider our Freezer Meat Orders Packages. We do orders for your home, or perhaps you’d like to stock the cottage for the season. Either way, entertaining is made easy with Big Daddy on hand.

Choose from one of our suggested packages, or create your own custom package from the selections below. We’ll get a quote for your order to you in one day.

Value Pack:
2 – 8oz. Striploin steaks
2 – 8oz. Sirloin steaks
1 double chicken breast
2 packs 5oz. Big Daddy Patties
2lbs. sausages

10lb. Pack:
2lbs. pork chops
2lbs. bacon
2lbs. ground beef
2lbs. striploin steaks
2lbs. sausages

15lb. Pack:
3lbs. ground beef
3lbs. double chicken breast
3lbs. sirloin steaks
3lbs. sausages
3lbs. rib eye steaks

20lb. Pack:
5lbs. Ground beef
5lbs. Sausages
5lbs. Big Daddy Patties
5lbs. Bacon

25lb. Pack:
5lbs. Double chicken breast
5lbs. Rib eye steaks
5lbs. Pork chops
5lbs. Sausages
5lbs. Stuffed chicken breast


Top Sirloins

Rib Eyes


Beef Tenderloin
Rib Steaks
Prime Rib Roasts
Beef Kabobs
Marinated meats: Chipotle, Peppercorn, Teriyaki, Sweet Mesquite
“Big Daddy Patties”


Roasting Chickens 5-8lbs.
Double Chicken Breasts
Chicken Kabobs
Stuffed Chicken Breast – 3 varieties
Marinated meats: Mesquite, Chipotle, Souvlaki

Frozen Seafood:
Jumbo Scallops
Lobster Tails

Prefer fresh meat to freezer meat orders? We can ship and pack a mix of both.